Collingwood TV – An Idea For The Ages

  So they’re seriously considering a dedicated Collingwood channel. I don’t doubt this idea is manna from heaven for many. People will suddenly realise what’s been missing from their lives all these years. Myself? My reaction is rather more like Alex in his maximum security ward in A Clockwork Orange: strapped to a gurney, eyes [Read more]

“Thin Loyalty”

The whole Ross Lyon thing, combined with a few other moves in the AFL, leaves me feeling a bit confused, certainly disappointed and not a little bit angry. Not just about the idea that “my club” has lost a coach who got us within touching distance of two premierships, but about the whole concept of [Read more]

I loved beating Geelong on Friday night but one thing kept bugging me

By Mark Simms I wish they wouldn’t call Subiaco Oval ‘Patterson’s Stadium’. It hurts. At the beginning of the season,  I thought I might be able to ignore it, and concentrate on the money for ‘grass roots footy’- an evocative phrase- but I’m struggling. I’ve been thinking about why it hurts. Why do I feel [Read more]