Who’s the Furphy?

Old Dog looks at how stats are often a furphy, and don’t tell the real story, and takes up Brodie Grundy’s 64-4 win in the ruck on Thursday night to illustrate his point. [Fine analysis – Ed]

On becoming a co-coach

Here’s a snippet from Jill Fitzsimons on an unexpected foray into coaching footy and the initial steps taken to do the role justice.

Knowing your drop kick from your screw punt: Wally Miller’s ‘Coaching the art of kicking’

South Australia’s quintessential 1963 kicking manual has been unearthed. What secrets does it hold?

Almanac Short Story: Moral Dilemma

Barry Mitchell tells a story of that final meeting of coach and player.

The Best Coaches Are…

Wesley Hull reflects on coaching and coaches, describing the way he has crossed paths with some of the greats (Cerutty, Hafey, Sheedy) while explaining that as a coach he has never stopped searching and learning. [Super piece – Ed]

Being a good coach – Alastair Clarkson

During his Almanac off season, Yoshi (our Japanese correspondent) follows the incredible rise of Alastair Clarkson, from average midfielder to four-time premiership coach and a place among the greats of Australian Football.

Training for Six: When four turn up!

Another skillful set of training drills from the master trainer Matt Zurbo.

Kids 3. Body Language

Matt Zurbo’s writings on coaching kids continues. Part three is about body language; “Coaching kids who are losing each week is the best challenge there is in football… You have to speak from your ribs. You have to believe, or there’s no point at all.”

Kids 2. First Give Them Fire

Matt Zurbo on coaching juniors: Part 2. “The biggest mistake you can make is treating them like kids…”

Kids 1

Matt Zurbo begins a 15-part series on coaching kids. Here’s some suggestions which I suspect you wouldn’t have thought of before. [Wish you were my coach Old Dog – Ed]

This series will run Monday-Friday for three weeks.