Almanac Poetry: Beyond Goyder’s Line, South Australia

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley involves nineteenth century family history, life, loss and heartbreak in the Flinders Ranges region.

Round 1 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Campfire Tragedy

Aidan Hammond, aged 10, heads to Melrose for the traditional extended Brown family Easter camping get-together. They listen to the Crows match against North – around the campfire.

Round 1 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: The sermon from the mount

There’s a full moon over the Flinders Ranges. Dave Brown is appropriately inspired to answer some questions about the 2015 model Adelaide Crows.

Round 1 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: No one likes missing out on chocolate

The spirit of the Almanac: nine year-old Aidan Hammond bursts through the pack on debut with this report on Adelaide v North Melbourne. On the radio, in the caravan on school holidays. Does it get much more ‘holiday footy’ than Aidan’s Easter weekend of AFL? [Looking forward to more from you, young fella. – Ed]

Lehmann brings top end talent to the Flinders Ranges

  The Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy visited Jamestown in the southern Flinders Ranges on November 21 and as part of the six month Australian stay for the aspiring scholars, a leadership course was held North of Orroroo, providing them with a taste of the outback. As part of the course the players called in to [Read more]