Almanac Junior Footy – Kew Rovers v Fitzroy Under 10-3: The story of a terrific Roys win in pictures

Fitzroy Under 10-3        10.15.75 Kew Rovers 1.3.9.   Here’s how the game unfolded – through the lens of Charlotte White’s camera. SEE THE FULL GALLERY    

A report of Richmond Centrals v Fitzroy Under 10-3 in haiku

Look out Haiku Bob. Roys’ Under 10-3’s coach Yabby Symons reports on her side’s stirring effort against Richmond Centrals in haiku.

Almanac Winter: Footy in the frost

Frosty in Fitzroy yesterday. How cold was it where you were? Anyone playing sport in the freezing – apart from the Roys Under 10s?

Now with snaps of Mansfield and quite an incredible frost in Kyabram.

Junior Almanac – Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Richmond Juniors: Photo Gallery

The Fitzroy Under 10-3 side found themselves in a tough match against the kids from the mean streets of Richmond amid a rivalry that goes back a century to when Richmond’s Squizzy Taylor blued with Fitzroy’s Old Ted Whiting over control of the sly grog shops at the fag end of Fitzroy.

Junior Footy – Fitzroy Under 10-3 v Ashburton: The moon’s a balloon, again

It was Theo Harms’s turn to produce a match report for the mighty Roys Under 10-3. He considers the lunar conditions and then writes a lively account of the kids’ dominant performance especially during the last quarter when Marlo was palming to Matt like he was Simon Madden, Brad Ottens and Polly Farmer all rolled into one. [Great stuff Theo – Dad]

Fitzroy Under 10-S v Ivanhoe: Footy’s Back

The Roys went to Ivanhoe to start off their 2017 campaign. Everyone had a red hot go.

Almanac Junior Footy: Looking for three footballers to play with Fitzroy Under 10-S

Fitzroy Under 9-S (about to become Under 10-S we hope) is one of the great footy teams on the planet. However, to guarantee we remain together, we need three more players. John Harms is helping with the recruiting.

Almanac Music: Hell’s Bells chime across the half forward flank

ACDC’s Hell’s Bells bobbed up in an unlikely place and was almost the highlight of the season. But there was something better. John Harms explains.

Junior Footy – Fitzroy Under 9-S v Ivanhoe: The Thunder Clash of Fitzroy Lions and Ivanhoe (by Frankie Donnini)

Frankie Donnini shows how much he loves his team by penning this epic match report from the Fitzroy Under 9-S game against Ivanhoe last Sunday. At the Almanac we encourage kids to “Love your sport, love your schoolwork”. They are learning that telling stories is fun. [These kids are great – Ed]

Junior Almanac – Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Last week the banner, this week the race

Last week it was the banner, this week they experienced the joys of ‘the race’. Joey, skipper for the day, leads the Fitzroy Under 9-S out at the famous Cramer Street ground at Preston. Joey kicked four.

Junior Almanac: The joy of being an Under 9 footballer.

Dylan Colyer is a true team man (as is his Dad Richard). Dylan broke his leg in a lunch-time bingle at school – before the start of the 2016 season. He hasn’t missed a game – as stats man and barracker – and he’s waited patiently for his day to arrive. On Sunday he made his junior footy debut – in Round 10 – v Brunswick. Check out this gallery of photos taken by Richard.

And where would you expect to find a sponsor of Fitzroy JFC?

It seems the Fitzroy JFC has sponsors located in far-off places.

The young Roys meet Jacko’s real people

The Fitzroy Under 9-S travelled to Heidelberg and learnt what real life is actually like.

Junior Footy – Ivanhoe v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Rainy day thriller

Theo Harms reports on his Fitzroy Under 9-S side’s cracking game against Ivanhoe. With photos from Richard Colyer. [Well done Theo – Dad]

Junior Footy – Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Roys in good form again

The Roys played well again last Sunday as Joey Barnard reports. [Some beaut photos as well – Ed]

Junior Footy – Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Roys strong again

Joey Barnard had a lot of responsibilities yesterday when he played for Fitzroy Under 9-S. He was co-captain, first ruck and he was the match reporter. Here’s Joey’s story about another top quality performance from the team.

Junior Footy – Fitzroy Under 9S v Brunswick: Great start for the Roys

The Fitzroy Under 9S side played extremely well on a beaut day at home. Read Seb Donellan’s report.