Almanac Poetry: The Fish of Geelong

The mind of a twelve-year-old can contain a wealth of information about the natural world, particularly of their surrounding environment. This new piscine preoccupied poem from Kevin Densley contains childhood memories of fish from his home town, Geelong – and it’s certainly a very long list!

Almanac Short Fiction: Floundering

A passage from Kevin Densley on a boy, a fish and the ripples of their brief and frenzied interaction.

Almanac Flashback: Fishing for a non-fisherman

WARNING: This story filled with beautiful images of sunsets, good red and fishing off the coast of WA will likely exacerbate any Monday morning back-to-work gloom you are feeling. Col reprises a story from a few years ago.

Almanac memoir: Man and Beast Extract – Island Bream

John Harms doesn’t get to Fraser Island with PJ and the crew anywhere near enough. It is paradise.

Fishy Regulations

Robbo comments on the unintended consequences of regulation and how it might effect recreational fishing.

Almanac Fishing: Great Hope

The transcendence of fishing should never be underrated. Steve Hodder’s brilliant words recall when Rabonzo met Trout

Standing on the outside lookin’ in

Things have been hectic in the H of S with the tennis rapidly approaching the pointy end of the tournament. Predictably, most of the top ranked players are still in the draw. Perhaps unpredictably, some would argue to the contrary, “our Sam” is not amongst them. This makes Ms Stosur the first seed in women’s [Read more]