Almanac Soccer – World Cup Final 2018: Les bleus à deux coupes de monde

Another World Cup has been run and done, Jarrod Landells shares his thoughts on the final and the winners

The Road to Russia 2018 begins to twist and turn

The FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifiers are heating up and Dennis Gedling has highlighted the games over the next week or so to watch.

Almanac Soccer: Nine times zero equals 48. A look at Fifa’s World Cup decision

Hamish Neal analyses the move to have 48 countries play in the finals of the World Cup.

Almanac (World Cup) Soccer: Et Tu Gianni?

Dennis Gedling has some thoughts on the expansion of the finals of the World Cup to include 48 teams.

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 5): World Cup Australian Football (The Now)

The AFL finals are our World Cup. This year we have Adelaide exuberance, West Coast alacrity, Fremantle relentlessness, North Melbourne randomness, Hawthorn force and Sydney graft. We have particular styles of play played by each team. We have stereotyped characteristics of each team and club, all playing the same game, governed by exactly the same rules. And E. Regnans says footy is now, not next year, but right now.

Who Will Stand Up To FIFA?

The repercussions of FIFA’s decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup continue to impact soccer’s governing body. Vaughan Menlove hopes that the compensation packages handed out to the powerful European leagues don’t come at the expense of grass-roots football.