Fevvy and all the fun of the circus

Quarter time and the punters were everywhere, texting, tweeting, phoning, filming admiring. A kid about 6 years old, burrowed in close to Fevvy in the huddle, stared up at him like he was Santa Claus and said, “Have you got 7?” Fev goes to the home of the arts, and this is the story.

Fev’s North Eastern Saga

    by Andrew Walker Since Yarrawonga announced that Fev may be playing with them during the 2012 Ovens and Murray season there has been no shortage of Fev news. First came rumours that other O & M clubs were also talking to the talented but incident prone player. Once Fev’s arrangements with the Yarrawonga [Read more]

AFL Round 15: Fevola Betts on teamwork

by Jill Scanlon Shower, make rolls, grab drinks and jump in the car. Want to make that midday train. It’s been quite a few weeks since we’ve been able to get to a match and today’s is a favourite clash. My teenagers and I arrive at Ringwood station, oooh –  a car space close to [Read more]

Hawks Home In A Classic

by Sasha Lennon I was worried about the Hawks. Carlton had a confident buzz about them, as they have all year. I could almost feel it from my Brisbane lounge room as I made myself a coffee to aid the concentration and then took my place on the couch as the players took to the [Read more]