Round 15 – Carlton v Fremantle: Rock and Roll Football

A rollicking ride from Shane Thomas as he riffs on the fans who aren’t singing the Blues for Carlton anymore. It might be a long way to the top, but there’s plenty of sausage rolls along the way!

Remembering Festival Hall – The Night Jezza and George Walked Out on the Blues

Reflecting on the loss of another treasured Melbourne venue – Warren Tapner reminds us of some of Festival Hall’s rich history outside of the music world.

The Final Round at the House of Stoush

There is a part of Smokie that dies just a little when a familiar old building is demolished. It will be even more so when Festival Hall meets the wrecking ball.

Cold Chisel + Festival Hall = Stereo Story

Everyone’s got a Festival Hall Story. And a Cold Chisel story.

Almanac Music: Chuck Berry at Festival Hall 1975

The sweat, smoke, and cold misery of thousands of defeated fist-fighters never seems to leave the suspended air of Melbourne’s Festival Hall. Even though the venue’s famous boxing ring has been disassembled for tonight’s show, the hall’s echo-enhancing walls still reverberate with the tolling clang of the bell. It’s a big, bloodied, booming cavern.

I’m here as a wide-eyed 13 year old anticipating the presence of true rock’n’roll royalty.

Almanac Boxing: Boxing Observations and Andy Broome

David “Griffo” Griffin chats with Andy Broome and reflects on the state of Boxing.