Ball tampering in the Merks

‘It is an offence for any player to take any action which changes the condition of the ball.’ Rule 41.3.2. Phil Hill contemplates an umpire’s dilemma when the ball ends up in the poo. (Highly amusing – Ed.)

Me and Mr Jones

Lazydave shares his joy and delight in meeting 91 year old Ray Jones, a past Collingwood and South Fremante player and successful architect, on a recent visit to Perth.

Blind Deaf and Clueless: Cricket and the death of the quaddie

Phil Hill is inspired by a photo of the two teams playing in the preliminary final he umpired on the weekend to take this wander through cricket umpiring, professionalism, changing quaddie habits, scoring, the heat in curries, the adding up of scorebooks and umpiring. [Contains traces of dentistry – JTH]

Almanac Cricket: Blind, Deaf and Clueless. The Season Starts.

With the start of a new cricket season everyone seems a bit rusty, as our resident cricket umpire Phil Hill explains even the umpires can get it wrong.