Footy Almanac Supercoach league

Get involved in the Footy Almanac Supercoach League.

Modern Sport is a Fantasy

Dam identifies the true meaning of sport as he wades into the murky waters of fantasy footy. His locks may surprise – would recommend getting a hold of his league code

Fantasy Football – Footy Almanac Groups

JTH hates fantasy football. But for those whose weekends are lit up by 20 metre kicks back to outside midfielders we have great news! We have started Footy Almanac groups. Unlimited spots and prizes for the winning coaches (assuming I can talk Harmsy into it)

Footy Tipping, Supercoach and its impact on traditional support.

As the cricket season dies a slow death in another meaningless One Day competition, like all Almanackers, I await the football with great anticipation. The discussion on this site in recent days about the winter game, coupled with membership drives, calls for Foxtel subscriptions, players talking up pre seasons (where everyone is ‘flying’ on the [Read more]

Supercoach League Invitation

As the clock strikes midnight at the end of today to mark the start of February, the fantasy football phenomenon that is AFL Supercoach will open. Those who are interested but haven’t entered in previous years, you won’t miss the big green banner on, and for you others, especially the younger Almanackers, who are [Read more]

Supercoach Forwards 2011

The offence is, surprisingly, a tough task to pick 10 players. You’ve got the best forwards in the game who can pull out the biggest scores but get injured too frequently, the miraculous goalkickers who only appear in games every now and then, and the up and coming brigade, who are the most prone to [Read more]

Supercoach Rucks 2011

Choosing two good rucks for your Supercoach side is one of the most crucial things you’ll do when it comes to Fantasy Football. A ruckman’s job is to win the hitout around the ground, but in Supercoach, if you pick a ruckman that does that, and just that, then you won’t go far. You need [Read more]

Supercoach Midfields 2010

This is where a big chunk of your Supercoach weekly score will come from. The midfield is where some of the best and biggest scorers do their best work, and it is critical to pick some of the best players going around, but to also invest in some youngsters who’s value will rise as the [Read more]

Fantasy Footy: Any pointers? I’ve just got to beat my mate

Flashback, January 2009: My wife brags that she is taking these competitions seriously this year and will purchase the AFL Prospectus to assist her. “You’re kidding. Just go with the players you know and see how you go,” I indicate to her, having confidence in her football knowledge.