Almanac Cricket: Run Out

Neill Jones shares his first story with the Almanac, a delve into the deep love his mum Veronica had for the game of cricket. [Nice debut – Ed.]

Almanac Short Fiction: Floundering

A passage from Kevin Densley on a boy, a fish and the ripples of their brief and frenzied interaction.

Almanac Life: One of those Melbourne lockdown Saturdays

A day in lockdown quickly evolved into an emotional reflection on Jan Courtin’s parents. Whilst typing out some letters from years gone by, Jan discovered her family history, making the day worthwhile.

Almanac Life – 18 Years of James: Happy Birthday!

We may be in the midst of a pandemic, but Anna Pavlou’s younger brother is 18 today. In a touching piece, Anna describes her bond with her sibling whilst growing up in a loving household.

Almanac Local Footy – A season at Banyule: Friends, fun and some fine football

Sean Mortell has enjoyed his time playing footy at Banyule, experiencing all the highs and lows associated with being a part of a local sporting club and showing how important sporting clubs are to healthy community life.

Round 17 – Sydney v Carlton: The Winds of Change

Joe Moore completed yet another family trip up to the SCG for the rivalry between Sydney and Carlton. His account, already published on, details the fun-loving nature of what footy means to families.

Not Taking Sides Against the Family: Fitzroy and the Lions through the generations

With his first son born just last week, William is faced with the prospect of assigning him a football team to support. Clearly in this age where personal choices about identity are so important, he feels he must tread lightly as he relates from his personal experiences.

First Day of School

Andrew Starkie shares a poignant tale of the disarming, charming and at times, alarming nature of parenthood

Footy: It’s not Life or Death

Luke De Piazza was a free spirit who loved the Western Bulldogs. Josh Pinn recounts his cousin’s life supporting the Doggies and seeing them win their first premiership in over 60 years. [Powerful words that really hit home – Ed.]

Summer Stereo Story – Beach-house records, part 1

In the diary at the family beach-house my brother’s wife has written a list to sum up their short holiday with their two young children. Rachel has written ten names, beginning with Michael Jackson and ending with The Doors.

On Clarke, Sport and Family.

Tonight, Michael Clarke plays his final Test Match. In this touching reflection on family, Josh Pinn reflects on how sporting events can be markers in one’s life, and of how a discussion about Clarke helped he and his brother in a difficult time.

Almanac music – Stereo Stories: He Doesn’t Know Why by Fleet Foxes

This week’s Stereo Story is a poignant memoir by New Zealand writer Maria Majsa about her troubled refugee father and her creative musician son. One was stymied in his love for music, the other has been able to fill the generation gap.

Footy History: The tragic tale of Alf Dear

A story from deep in the early days of VFL, when there were no lines between family tragedy and footballing career. John Donegan writes the story that needed to be told of Alf Dear.

Round 6 – Richmond v North Melbourne: Slow train to nowhere

Recalling some champion Richmond forwards to come out Tasmania, Chris Daley pays tribute to Warrnambool footy legend, and a member of the Swans 1945 Bloodbath team, Don Grossman, as he treks west to a christening and tries to catch the action as his beloved Tigers struggle in Hobart.

The hoick, the dismissal or just taking part: What will he remember from our weekend of cricket?

This week’s episode of Boys and Balls stars Sean and Ben Curtain, exploring the fine line between the gaining and losing of your child’s respect.

Blood-blisters to the Blacks, a Richmond Oval reverie

‘On the field of play you know whose side you are on’. The Bloods are in the blood. So are the Blacks. Tom Martin describes living, playing, being footy – with thanks to his parents.

AFL Round 2 – Fremantle v Gold Coast: Aunty Mary

A good win for your team covers all sins. John Burmej finds it in his heart to forgive son Nicholas for forgetting to pack the jacket on the first rainy day in Perth for 4 months. Nat Fyfe brings a smile to all faces.

Oh Brother, thou-est see-est some victories (or Yvette and Andre, part 3)

Yvette Wroby and her brother, Andre, decided to watch their boys play Carlton after all. How happy were they with that decision? Happy enpugh to sing the song four times.

AFL Round 6- Collingwood v St.Kilda: Oh Brother…thou art here

Yvette Wroby’s brother, Andre, flew in from the US just in time for Friday night’s clash. He’s reassessing his plan to watch the Saints play the Blues this Monday.

AFL Round 3 – Geelong v Carlton: It’s a family thing

Family and football is a good combination, even when it involves Carlton, writes Stephen Cooke.