Almanac (Family) Life: ‘Hamilton’ in Sydney

ER and family travelled to Sydney to see, on stage, the musical which has dominated their domestic soundtrack for ages – ‘Hamilton’. There was a game of footy in there somewhere too.

Three jumpers

Vin Maskell re-visits, and updates, his football jumper stories, threading through themes of life and remembrance.

A Good Friday in Glenelg North

Mickey Randall observes life on Good Friday in seaside Glenelg and environs. [Trademark Mickey-ness. JTH]

Family and Footy

Mrs R writes to husband Luke and makes some observations about the place of the Collingwood FC in Reynolds family life. Looking at the pros and cons she comes down in favour of footy we think, but we’re not quite sure.

Round 2 – Geelong v Fremantle: Bub’s first footy road trip

Liz Roberts returns to Geelong to watch her beloved Fremantle Dockers take on the Cats, this time with an 11-month old baby in tow.

How Mum finally fell in love with Football

Vaughun Menlove’s mum never cared for football. And then along came the A League, Melbourne Victory and Danny Allsop.

The Right Colours

Vin Maskell offers a gentle meditation (memoir?) about the colours we nail to our mast. A delicate pastry to go with your weekend coffee.

Facing my son in the nets

From initial bowling lessons off two steps, to giving his dad a bruise on the knee with a fast delivery, Sean Curtain recalls his son’s improvement with the cherry and the willow.

Ritual or routine?

Growing up, footy, for our family, was a matter of ritual. Each season developed its own rhythm, its own timetable, and we would find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time each week. Church, school, Saladas and Vegemite and Adventure Island after-school and then kick-to-kick, Monday’s newspaper to read, and F-Troop, being allowed [Read more]