Everyday Obituaries: Patricia (Pat) Collins

Anthony ‘Gulbo’ Collins, known in these parts by his nom de plume ‘Mulcaster’, delivered these fine words at the funeral of his mother Pat. She was the personification of love.

Everyday Obituary: Sam Martinez

Neil Drysdale pays tribute to Hibs superfan, Sam Martinez.

A last goodbye, for a Tiger

Dugald Jellie went to the funeral of Tiger fan Carolyn Gaunt. Here is his story.

[Dugald is a very talented writer with a tremendous respect and affection for people. He has a keen ear and eye and a lovely sense of perspective on things – even if he is Tiger-mad. His stories are published on his website tigertigerburningbright.com.au which has a strong Tiger following. This year he will also be publishing stories here at the Almanac. So it’s a big welcome from me – JTH]

Jack Clancy 1934-2014

Jack Clancy – footballer, philosopher, writer, teacher, bon vivant – was one of the characters of Melbourne life. John Timlin (no slouch himself) spoke at the recent celebration of Jack’s life.