The Fan

Davemitri has lost a fair bit of sleep over the past three years – because he is a Bombers fan. He records his response to the events of the past week.

I Don’t Love You Anymore

At once poetic and succinct, an Essendon supporter, Aussiegus, conflates the emotional and the rational in a poignant expression of his position on James Hird.

If you were on an AFL list what would you do?

David Parker raises a few personal questions about the Essendon brouhaha

So who do I barrack for now?

Rod Oaten has kept us up to date about how an old Dons supporter has been feeling over the last three seasons. Here is his latest instalment, penned yesterday.

ASADA v Essendon: through the haze and fog, now what?

With the dust settling from Tuesday’s AFL tribunal decision for 34 past and current Essendon players, Associate Professor Daryl Adair from UTS examines what can be learned from the saga and recommends processes that need to be implemented to ensure that statuary bodies can better investigate possible uses of PEDs in Australian sport

Yawn! The Essendon saga: a way out?

Don De Lene calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the Essendon saga. He explains how it might work. [Might flush the whole system out – Ed]