Equalisation? Let’s try a bit of Logical Rationality on for size instead eh?

Gregor Lewis has some firmly stated views on equalisation.

How’s that equalisation working out for you?

E.Regnans charts the performance of clubs over the last 16 years to gauge the effectiveness of the AFL’s equalisation policy. There are a couple of outliers on the high side, and then there are the Tigers and Demons. Why is it so?

Round 12 Preview – Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

Sal Ciardulli does the maths on AFL equalisation; Round 12 and the big races at Eagle Farm. His Blues take on the Cats on the rebound, and there is no Whitefriars consolation as the ammos take a well derserved break.

Ceteris paribus (All things being equal…)

On their ‘equalisation investigation’ jaunt, Sam Steele suggests the AFL should have dropped in on the Ford Motor Company for lessons on how to deal with Melbourne. Is there room for sentiment in a competition that now proclaims itself “an industry”?