Knowing your drop kick from your screw punt: Wally Miller’s ‘Coaching the art of kicking’

South Australia’s quintessential 1963 kicking manual has been unearthed. What secrets does it hold?

Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: The Dropkick

Another ripper from The Rhymer, a tribute to WA exponents of the droppy.

The Two-Bob Lair

It has puzzled Chris Aulich how an aspiring footballer could recognise the boundary between looking like a footballer and being a lair, and with that in mind he presents some insights for consideration. [Great to have you involved Chris – another Tasmanian voice. JTH]

Almanac music: Jesus and the drop kick

It had to happen – a Stereo Story about a corny Christian country music song and an almost obsolete Australian Rules football skill.

Truth be told, this yarn first appeared here at the Almanac about five years back as part of a series about the drop kick. Now, though, there’s pics and music.

My favourite drop-kick. Part two

In the light of the references to “Country Football” we re-visit Vin Maskell’s yarn about the poetry of Philip Hodgins (first published in Sep 2010).

My favourite drop-kick, part 9

The Drop-Kick Premiership Team Vin Maskell It is said that a champion team will always beat a team of champions, but what if that team of champions is a team of champion drop-kicks? The selection criteria for this team are to be a premiership player and for there to be a reference to the player’s [Read more]

My favourite drop-kick: part 8

  by Vin Maskell The Australian Rules Drop-Kick Appreciation Society is delighted to announce that poet, mathematician and Fitzroy fan Tom Petsinis has been inducted into the society’s Hall of Fame (Literature). Petsinis’ 2006 book Four Quarters includes the 12 verse, 48 line poem Drop Kick. It is a lovely ode to the lost art, [Read more]

My (not so) favourite drop-kick, part 7

Vin Maskell hears the ugly truth in part seven of his meandering series. The train stuttered and stopped as it tried to pull out of the station. “Passengers,” announced the driver, “we’ve had to stop because some drop-kick in a red cap is trying to force open the doors.” You know the game is just [Read more]

My favourite drop kick, part 6

Vin Maskell continues his whimsical series. Moggs Creek, on the Great Ocean Road near Lorne, doesn’t have a footy oval. The creek doesn’t even have much water. But I’ve got an old football down there, in the three-generation family beach-house. Its scratches are not from backyard trees or goal posts or the streets of the [Read more]

My favourite drop kick, part five

The latest in Vin Maskell’s occasional, indulgent series The new edition of The Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers once again records the careers of thousands of players, listing their vital statistics and describing their skills and style of play. Of all those players, going back to 1897, only 57 are noted for their talent for the [Read more]

My favourite drop kick, part four

The latest instalment in Vin Maskell’s tangential series. Are the Dropkick Murphys a bunch of punk-folk frauds? None of their names are Murphy and I doubt any of their songs are about that once noble expression of grace and distance, the Australian Rules drop kick. The Boston-based band of seven sing about work and unions, [Read more]

My Favourite Drop Kick. Part three.

Vin Maskell continues his occasional series Nashville songwriter Paul Craft wrote Drop Kick Me Jesus in the mid-1970s. It became a minor country and western hit for a bloke called Bobby Bare in 1976. Wikipedia describes the song as the world’s ‘only Christian football waltz’. One doubts not too many people would dispute such a [Read more]

My favourite drop kick. Part one

My favourite drop-kick. Part one. ON MONDAY evening, 26 June 2006 I sat down to watch a profile of musician Shane Howard on the ABC program Australian Story. The program focused almost entirely on Shane Howard’s once-troubled personal life rather than on his achievements as a singer, songwriter (remember Goanna and Solid Rock?) and activist.