Where is my smiling Shrek now?

The positivity that always permeates the thoughts of Jan Courtin has disappeared, hopefully only temporarily. Even Shrek has gone missing! Jan laments and despairs over the implications of the death of one man in the USA.

Almanac Other Sports – Great Sporting Weekend for Aussies and American Haters

Peter Baulderstone wakens to a beautiful set of numbers on Monday morning. Australian victories in golf and motor racing all over the world. Throw in a couple of Brits and an Italian (and the Eagles and Swan Districts). Not an American in sight. What’s not to like?

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – USA wins at Liberty and ’24’ triumphs again

The USA continued their dominance of the Presidents Cup, Ireland’s Paul Dunne won for the first time on the European Tour and Brooke Henderson claimed victory in the first LPGA foray into New Zealand.

Hail to the Chief

Peter Baulderstone has found some leaked tapes from the Oval Office. But he’s not sure which one.

Oh, what a weekend

Between looking after a recuperating husband, and being dismayed about the world of men in locker rooms, Jan has had a full on weekend.

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Peter Baulderstone imagines a meeting between Vic and the Don.

Let’s blame the Supermoon! (Now with a coda)

Jan Courtin looks at all the upsets this year and can come up with just one explanation: the supermoon. And in this post she initiates The List of Improbable Wins in 2016. Add your nomination. [Sadly, overcast in Melbourne at the moment – midnight – Jan. Description of the moon welcome, if not required – JTH]

Cricket and Politics

Middle Australia is perplexed about Warnie being touted as a potential Australian coach.

Now that you’ve heard of Mason Cox

And after an Anzac Day debut, a handy mark and goal with his first kick in the league, here’s a piece on US politics by Mason Cox himself.

Sport Trumps Politics

Peter Baulderstone is disturbed by the hatred and trivialisation of American society and its presidential politics. He seeks explanations from their sport.

Round 16 – Sydney Swans v Hawthorn: Howzat!

Hawthorn lays waste to another 2015 premiership contender with a frightening display of attacking footy against the Sydney Swans. And Trucker Slim is most contented.