Footy on the Radio!

Peter Clark talks up the radio broadcasters of the footy, past and present. What a cavalcade of callers, all masters of the microphone! Join in the discussion with your nominations for preferred presenters.

Derby book launch photo gallery

A great gallery of photos from the Derby book launch in WA. Dennis Cometti and all.

Book Launch: Derby

A new book that captures the spirit of the West Australian Derby is having a launch hosted by Dennis Cometti.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Not so Bleak House

When Buddy was seen berating team mates it suggested a side on the verge of becoming rattled. As Paul Spinks articulates so well, it was indeed a great win for the Bulldogs.

Round 23 – Adelaide v West Coast: Optimistically and Misty-Optically

Mickey Randall can take a tiny amount of comfort from the coincidence that Jonathan Giles is a Kapunda boy, although Mickey is not from a parsonage himself. It was a flogging at the Adelaide Oval as the sombre tone suggested as the congregation walked away. A fine night for Eagles fans and Dennis Cometti appreciaters.

Fox Footy Banter … blah blah!

Insight or trivial banter. Commentary of Fox Footy could do with a bit of a lift and Dermie, you’re in the spotlight.

Calling the Callers: Hawks Christmas Revue

Hawks fans can overdose on Hawks love with Paul Campbell’s monumental review (and revue) of the radio and TV calls of the 2015 Grand Final. You can re-live all the great moments – through a variety of voices. A must-read for Hawkers. [That took it out of me – JTH]

Will you damn well take the game on you Crows!

  Back. Sideways. Sideways. Back. Sideways. Back.   No, it’s not the latest dance craze, nothing as entertaining as that.   It’s the pattern of the Crows’ ball movement, the ‘Slow Sherrin Shuffle’, and it’s driving the fans crazy.   Exhibit A: last Friday night, second quarter, Docklands.   Ben Rutten takes the kick-in after [Read more]