Round 17 Sal’s Preview – A lot of white noise, but we do have Buddy and Cyril!

Round 17 footy tips and Sal has the hot mail on which teams will bring home the points

Round 16 Review: As we enter the home straight, it’s neck and neck x8 or 9 or 10…by Fearless

Fearless reviews the folly and antics of Round 16 and snakes and ladders of the top 8.

Footy Almanac rejection – a writing career in crisis

da mcdonnell senses a stitch-up in the removal of his work from the Almanac website.

Modern Sport is a Fantasy

Dam identifies the true meaning of sport as he wades into the murky waters of fantasy footy. His locks may surprise – would recommend getting a hold of his league code

Mentoring Dennis Armfield (Carlton FC)

da mcdonell gives Carlton’s Dennis Armfield some prescient advice.

Round 14 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Laughing on the inside

What happens when Neil Anderson and Peter Fuller decide to catch up at Docklands for the Western Bulldogs and Carlton clash? Read on…

Round 13 – Fearless 2015: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Pies and Tigers earn it this week.

As we turn our attention back to a full suite of games for round 14, Fearless sets you up with his ‘what-you-need-to-know’ from round 13

Round 6 – Carlton v Brisbane Lions: Doom and Gloom after the Blooms

John Butler reflects on two teams struggling to recover form the mistakes of the past and they paths to ‘recovery’ they’re presently treading. How are those KPI’s looking?

Round 4 – St Kilda v Carlton: Footy in Aoteaora, Anzac Day 2015

Glen traveled to Wellington and provides a reflection on ANZAC day and the Saints v Carlton match (nice touch naming the medals).

AFL Round 4 – West Coast v Carlton: Blues regain their mojo

Blues fan Lachlan Waterman returns to Subiaco for the first time since the 3 point loss to the Eagles in the 2011 first semi-final. He leaves with the famous Carlton swagger.