Almanac Poetry: Death of a Bantam

Today, Kevin Densley’s poem is on love, death and a nobly-lived life.

Almanac Poetry: Death of Presley

Is Kevin Densley’s poem more than simply toilet humour? Could it be a royal flush?

Almanac Poetry: Her First and Second Husbands

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley illustrates that, tragically, lightning can strike twice in the same place.

Almanac Music: David Bowie – Still Ahead of the Curve

Callum O’Connor pays tribute to David Bowie, who died yesterday, with this celebration of his immense creativity, originality and influence.

Footy History: The tragic tale of Alf Dear

A story from deep in the early days of VFL, when there were no lines between family tragedy and footballing career. John Donegan writes the story that needed to be told of Alf Dear.

Impermanence: On Dean Bailey’s passing

Peter Baulderstone was shocked by the largely unexpected and sudden death of Dean Bailey. This is not so much an obituary (I knew only the general details of his career), as a reflection on what his purposeful life and sudden passing says for all of us.

A modern dilemma – to delete or not?

Gigs needs help with a very modern dilemma.