The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 2 – Port Adelaide v North Melbourne: How many Burgoynes can a team have?

From The Footy Almanac 2007 publication comes the Round 2 report by Sam Pang and Brendan Murray of the match between Port Adelaide. The Burgoyne brothers star for the Power.

Round 17 – Fearless 2019: I  know it’s footy season but jeez the Kiwis were dudded!

Fearless 2019 has his say on Brad Scott as a coach, and also reviews the Round 17 matches from last weekend.

Have a Little Faith

Although a difficult year for North supporter Marnie, she’s still feeling alright. Her tip to surviving? Belief. Belief in her club and the future it’s promised. A true believer!

AFL Round 9 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Smokie’s Elbow (with apologies to Litza)

Smokie, three parts of the way through a bottle of Pepperjack, let’s go a guttural North Melbourne cry, while simultaneously raising the elbow in the finest tradition of Litza (footnotes and all). [Up there with Litza – Ed. And please note Smokie will appear at the footy night at the Willy Lit Festival this Wednesday May 29. Details in the Calendar above.]