Third Test – Day 1: Thoughts on Cape Town

Brendan McArdle reports on a day of superb Test cricket; a day which the Australian skipper will remember for a long time.

Ashes Summary (or ‘Why I Should Have Listened To My Brother’)

On the morning of Day One of the First Test in Brisbane, my brother made the confident prediction that Australia would comfortably win the Ashes. I didn’t believe him; partly because he is 15 but mostly because nobody in the world can polish a turd like my brother.

Adelaide Test – Day 3: Answered Prayers

Our man in Shepparton, Peter Schumacher, has prayed to the Lutheran Church, the memory of Nelson Mandela and the Minister for Home Affairs (a higher god). His prayers were answered with a magnificent performance by Mitch Johnson, Davy Warner et al.

Gabba Test – Day 1: Australia fall short

John Harms watches the Poms dismantle the Australian top order in Brisbane.

Woops. I forgot to turn up to the second day of a cricket match…

And Cricket Australia wonders why the faithful are dropping off. The latest on Dave Warner (the Test cricketer).

Third Test: Warner and Watson to save the day?

It may come down to this argues Brendan McArdle: only Warner and Watson have the potential to turn things around in the Old Dart. Believe it, or not.

AFL Round 12 – Review: Role models, Warner and Gallen

Paul Thomson warns Warner he is in danger of becoming the court jester of Australian cricket, the joke that no one quite got.

The Young and the Restless

“Davey; Davey my boy…………………..It’s Herman your Agent. Have I got news for you Davey.”

Cricket’s Test

The understanding of cricket is lost. Sadly, instinct in cricket (maybe most sports) is dead, writes Dips.