Almanac Memoir: Caught in the race with Kennedy’s Commandos

Brilliant memoir from Richard Griffiths (and brilliant photo too) as he tells the story of a memorable day at Glenferrie Oval in the middle of a classic 60s and 70s childhood. (First published in 2016)

1981 Revisited – Grand Final: ‘The Winner Takes It All’

A Brownlow Medal is tied, and two of the game’s oldest rivals fight it out for the Premiership in an epic tussle. Sam Steele was among the standing room crowd on the day, and vividly relieves the experience. (This is an outstanding conclusion to a brilliant series – Ed).

Almanac Footy History: 50 Years On – Hawthorn’s Nadir, May 1970

It’s a question that has bugged Warwick Nolan for 50 years! What on earth happened to Hawthorn in that 12 months between May 1970 and May 1971?

Almanac Lunches – A Queenslander in Melbourne

A road trip south saw Noosaville’s Ian Hauser in Melbourne recently. He managed to take in two Almanac lunches at the North Fitzroy Arms. How much of a good thing can this man take? The simple answer is – heaps!

Almanac Lunch: Aug 30 with Mike Sheahan, David Parkin and Geoff Slattery and a cast of other footy writers from the 1980s

All welcome at lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel on Aug 30 – with Mike Sheahan, David Parkin and Geoff Slattery – to celebrate the recently released Electrifying 80s, which is a collection of footy’s finest writing from that much-loved decade.

Footy on the Radio!

Peter Clark talks up the radio broadcasters of the footy, past and present. What a cavalcade of callers, all masters of the microphone! Join in the discussion with your nominations for preferred presenters.

Almanac Books – ‘Australian Football: The People’s Game 1958-2058’ by Stephen Alomes

The Almanac is happy to promote Stephen Alomes’ recent publication, ‘Australian Football: The People’s Game 1958-2058’. Stephen’s academic background blends with a conversationalist style to offer something for everyone with a love of the game.

Almanac Football: 1993 Revisited

Stainless takes a fascinating trip down memory lane as he recalls the 1993 AFL season. [With a nod to the Brettig-Collins-Gill podcast – Ed]

Almanac Teams: A team of coaches

Phil Dimitriadis is at it again – this time with a mighty team of masterminds and motivators. Don’t THINK about checking out this team, DO check it out!

The Stab Punt and David Parkin

Jim Johnson has an interest in the origin and evolution of kicking. here’s another installment, about the stab punt, timely, because David Parkin is our guest at lunch today.

1981 – 2016: These Should Not Be Forgotten Years

Richmond starts a new ascent of Everest, from Base Camp, competing alongside 17 other hungry, ambitious mountaineers says Stainless Steele. All start equal and expect no special favours. But for once, the Tigers begin their climb with the certain knowledge that they’ve achieved it before.

The Almanac AFL Season Launch (a two part extravaganza)

David Parkin is the guest of the Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch on March 23. All welcome.

AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Introduction and The Coaches

Can 1997 really be two decades ago? Apparently so, as Swish introduces this pictorial series covering the coaches and players from the 1997 AFL season.

Lou Richards’ Master Class At Melbourne High

Braham Dabscheck recalls the time Lou Richards and Jack Dyer were invited to give a talk at Melbourne High School. Easily the most engaging talk he ever heard as a student.

Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: Marching past March

Peter Fuller – Carlton man – reflects on a grinding win in tough conditions. And, remembering a Parkin dictum, takes heart that the future might be better than March suggested.

Book Review – Kings of the Game

Modelist reviews ‘Kings of the Game’, by Lachlan Waterman, in search of what makes a great Aussie Rules Football Coach.

Finals week 3 – The Wrap: “A Heapin’ helpin’ of that [West Australian] hospitality…”

A comprehensive look at the weekend’s preliminary finals from The Wrap, as only The Wrap can produce.

AFLPA Interviews: David Parkin

David Parkin talks to John Harms about sport, education and his footy life.

AFLPA interviews: JTH with David Parkin

THE AFLPA has invited John Harms to have yarn with a former footballer each week throughout the year. Here’s a couple of snippets from his chat with David Parkin. [Full interview will be available on Thursday – Ed]

What will they find in David Parkin’s brain?

The one-time state coroner of Queensland was a large man who wore a Tyrolean hat. He drank at the RE at Toowong. Were he let loose on D. Parkin, what would he have found.