Almanac Soccer – That Other World Cup in Europe: The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Dennis Gedling presents an authoritative and informative history of the development of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in soccer, as well as the Matildas, in the lead up to the 2019 cup.

Almanac Soccer: The A-League and the place of meaning in sport

In the lead up to Friday’s Roy Hay lunch, we reprise John Harms’s piece which was first published last October:

The A-League clubs generate heartfelt support from loyal supporters. But, given the growth agenda of Australian soccer, will the broader community find the A-League meaningful enough to get involved? John Harms considers the state of play.

Mariners’ predicament represents new era of A-League expansion

Tom Riordan sees a square peg in Gosford’s Central Coast Mariners, and a round hole in FFA’s stated policy on viable cities. Central Coast has done well, but what will the future hold?

The A-League turns 10

Tempus Fugit as they say in Serie A – to mark the A-League’s tenth season, Tom Riordan asks for your best memories from the first nine seasons.