Almanac Music: Dave Kimber – Scavenger hunts in Beverly Hills and Malibu.

More adventures from Dave Kimber and his mates on scavenger hunts around Beverly Hills and Malibu.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber and Surfing with James Arness  

The continuing tales of Dave Kimber, this time involving surfing and skiing in his native California. And of course, meeting a few celebrities along the way.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber – Herb Alpert, Buffy St Marie, and deer antlers!

More wonderful musical tales from Dave Kimber during his time at the Guitar Centre in Los Angeles, including Herb Alpert and a deer.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber and the Palamino Club

Dave Kimber remembers The Palomino Club, world famous cowboy suit maker Bill Nudie and his cars, and ‘Tiny’ the bouncer.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber helps Jean-Phillipe Rykiel get his three wishes – Zappa, Joni Mitchell, & Stevie Wonder

More fascinating musical tales from Dave Kimber as he helps a vision impaired Frenchman meet Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber –  A Musical Weekend With Sammy Davis Jr. in Australia

Dave Kimber meets Sammy Davis Jr in Australia, swaps drum solos with him, is told some great stories about Frank Sinatra, and sells Sammy some Yamaha keyboards.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber – Led Zeppelin and backstage passes

Limos with Jimmy Page, red Mercs with John Paul Jones, and backstage passes to Led Zeppelin are all part of the wonderful musical life of Dave Kimber.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber – A Backstage Pass To David Bowie’s Concert

The continuing musical adventures of Dave Kimber; this week backstage with David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr and more.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber – The beginning of a life in music

Dave Kimber has lead an incredible life in the music industry and has many stories to tell. Over the coming weeks, Dave will share stories about meeting and playing with everyone from Elton John to Sammy Davis Jnr, and many, many more.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber.

Fitting in and falling down in Australia I spent the 1980’s in Australia. I was initially hired by Rose Music/Australia who distributed all of the Yamaha musical equipment including grand pianos, pro-sound equipment and synthesizers and keyboards. I had signed a one-year contract with the vice-president of the company, David Phillips, who had flown out [Read more]