Almanac Cricket: Darren Lehmann

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood remembers the long and successful career of Darren ‘Boof’ Lehmann.

Almanac Book Review- ‘A View of Australia From Fine Leg’

Luke Reynolds’ deep affection for cricket is well known; here he steps off the oval to review fellow Almanacker and cricketer Craig Dodson’s recent work ‘A view of Australia from fine leg’.

Almanac Cricket: New book now available – ‘A View of Australia from Fine Leg’

To raise money for Gotcha4Life Craig Dodson took on the task to play in ten games of cricket with ten different clubs across Australia. Craig has now published ‘A View of Australia from Fine Leg’ detailing his journey and his fundraising efforts. You can order copies now.

Almanac Teams: Best Australian Nickname XI (ODI)

Here is an Australian XI made up of nicknames (the nicknames cannot include any element of the player’s name).

This exquisite, unrepeatable moment

Mickey Randall took the boys to the footy and came home having experienced one of life’s beautiful moments.

Australia v India – MCG, Day 2: “It was bound to happen!”

It was bound to happen reports Citrus Bob. The outcry from the general public and cricket personalities today about the state of the wicket at the G would match anything The Donald has to say in a State of the Union speech. Citrus reports from day 2 at the MCG.

Almanac Cricket: An Australian side from L

Glen! is on the (cricket) ball early today starting a run of themed cricket teams. He begins with a team of Ls to mark the debut of Marnus Labuschagne. One selection might send you scurrying to your Wisden.

A new kids’ book, inspired by #sandpapergate

As with any parent onto their 1000th read of their kid’s favourite book, Andrew Else decided, “I reckon I can do better”. He hopes all this cheating business hasn’t turned him sour…as he pens his thoughts in verse.

Darren Lehmann quits

Who should lead Australia out of the ball tampering scandal?

Almanac Cricket and Footy: So, your team are cheats – Advice from a Bombers Fan

Bomber fan, Andrew offers some friendly advice to consider if your team has been caught cheating.

Almanac Cricket: Disarray by design

John Butler feels that Australian Cricket’s foundations aren’t what they once were, this summer needs to regain a sense of balance.

The Australian Cricket Almanac 1994: Doin’ The Eagle Blue

There was a Cricket Almanac? For a few years of the 90s, there was. Swish has dragged out some of the best team shots from 1994 (plus a few from 1993).

Answers to the Aus v NZ 3rd Test Quiz

Wondering what to do with the spare couple of days now that the Pink Ball Test is over? Here’s Jeff Dowsing’s quiz answers.

The Ashes 2015: The Odd Couple’s Big Test

John Butler runs the ruler over the Australian team’s leadership, the Mates Club and the Sheffield Shield, as the Fourth Test looms.

Ashes 2015 – Second Test and Day 3 of The Open: Analysis, Banter and Memory

Thoughts on Day 4 of the cricket and Day 3 of the golf?

Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: Just A Little Bit Of Sledging

With the last vestiges of the Cricket World Cup fading, John Green and son head to the nosebleed section of the MCG as their Tigers start 2015 on the winners list.

Baked Beans in the Garden of Eden

With the Aussies recording a comprehensive series win in the recent Border-Gavaskar Trophy series, Fitzroy Pete travels back in time to Australia’s disastrous tour to the sub-continent in 1998, when India ruled supreme, and preferring baked beans over local cuisine turned out to be a P.R nightmare for SK Warne.

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 3: Who saw this coming?

After another trying day, Smokie asks what is wrong with our batsmen showing patience?

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary (entry 1): The Bogan is back

Boof has brought back The Bogan and suddenly the Australian team is happy again. Maybe this is the natural state for our national sporting team: a few laughs, a few beers, the odd verbal spray, fewer power point presentations, less sports science.

Lehmann brings top end talent to the Flinders Ranges

  The Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy visited Jamestown in the southern Flinders Ranges on November 21 and as part of the six month Australian stay for the aspiring scholars, a leadership course was held North of Orroroo, providing them with a taste of the outback. As part of the course the players called in to [Read more]