Pretty tired but very annoyed

With uni work piling up Danni Eid turns to footy to find some sanity only to find out even footy cannot escape her mood.

Man-crushin’ LOVE

We all have our favourites or as you lot might say ‘man-crushes’ and it would take a pretty special player to replace that sort of favourite wouldn’t it? He’d probably have to be invincible. The type that can run through a brick wall and come out the other end without a scratch, fly higher than [Read more]

Young gems still exist in ‘Generation Lazy’

Ah, we’ve spotted one! Not a very majestic creature but an interesting one at that. There it lays on the couch, stationed for at least two hours now. TV remote in hand, iPhone on ear yapping away with a laptop in lap, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tabs all in action. The creature known to most [Read more]