Almanac Teams: Second Eighteen (1980- )

It might be Rodney Boyd’s ‘Reserves’ for his Number 18 side, but there are plenty of entertaining names who have interesting stories from their time on the biggest stage.

Round 23 – Melbourne v GWS: One for the true believers

Joseph Ryan was rapt with Sunday’s game. And the die-hard support. Melbourne fans can look forward to 2016.

AFL Round 23 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: what The Coodabeens once dubbed “Georges versus Forges”!

To most people this game meant very little. Retirements; the promise of what lies ahead. People knock both of these clubs as insignificant, but Christopher Riordan argues for a flourishing future.

I have a dream

Never mind the 2013 finals, Neil Anderson has a vision of the future guaranteed to go straight to the heart of all you Bulldogs supporters. Share his dream.

Daniel Cross and extraordinary courage

What possesses a player to throw himself headfirst into an oncoming pack when the game is already lost? Can players like Daniel Cross help themselves?