VAFA Section B – Parkdale v Fitzroy: The Wait

John Harms will always remember Parkdale v The Mighty Roys. [With sincere gratitude to the players, coaches, and all those behind the scenes who make it happen – JTH]

VAFA B Section Round 6 – Fitzroy v Old Brighton: The remains of the day

David Wilson channels Kazuo Ishiguro for a day on which people, in the form of players, volunteers and supporters all shine brightly through the lens of “club”.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Caulfield Old Grammarians: Coming Home

Lifelong RoyBoy Jamie Simmons makes the trip from Brisbane to Brunswick Street Oval to see the local team take on Old Caulfield Grammarians. Back in the city of his youth, he is reminded of times past.

VAFA Premier B – Fitzroy v St Bedes/Mentone: The Lay of the Land

E. Regnans has fallen in love with “Brunswick Street and her Oval” [What a phrase! Masterful, poetic – Ed] And the Fitzroy Football Club. Now he is showing her off to his kids. Terrific account of a wonderful afternoon when the Roys got more than the four points. [A must-read – Ed]