Australia v New Zealand – Second Test, Day 2: How to (almost) ruin a day at the cricket

The cricket was excellent, but the performance of security at the Second Test at the MCG was heavy-handed, writes Jan Courtin.

Stadium Congestion

Georgia Blom, from Genezzano College, presents a thought-provoking argument on stadium safety.

Tigers fans still there through thick and thin but where are Hawks fans?

Richmond may have disappointed by missing the finals again this year, but its fans certainly haven’t. Stats revealed in the Herald Sun show that despite an overall downturn in attendances, Richmond has had the fourth largest crowds on average this year at 42,113, behind only Collingwood, Carlton and Essendon. These Tiger fans who turn up [Read more]

These here are crazy times

In an era where games often follow scripts more predictable than Two and a Half Men, and finals aspirations tend to expire well before the home straight, the last thing football needs is another reason for supporters to stay at home. Yet those most heavily invested in their team’s fortunes couldn’t help but feel they [Read more]

Women and children first

Thanks to Almanacker Rick Kane who brought our attention to the clip below. ·         After Fenerbache fans invaded the pitch during a friendly game against Shakhtar Donetsk, the Turkish FA punished the club by forcing them to play their next two games behind closed doors. Then someone had the bright idea of just banning men [Read more]

Know your tennis crowd

Melbourne is abuzz with the excitement of The Australian Open. Well. Sort of. Channel 7 tells us it is, and Channel 7 is abuzz with tennis, and hilariously funny gaffs which allow Todd Woodbridge to liken himself to S.K. Warne (Todd Woodbridge is like S.K. Warne the way Maggie Thatcher is like Juliet Binoche). Yes, [Read more]