Almanac Racing: Adelaide Cup

Crio is in desperate need of a bank for next weekend. Can the Adelaide Cup and/or the meet at Moonee Valley provide it?

Almanac Racing

At this time of the year it is slim pickings indeed on the racing calendar. So Crio must look further afield, to the “time-honoured” Marble Bar Cup (“the hottest race in Australia’s hottest town”)

Crio’s Question?….first memories

What else could it be this week but The Cup? Remember your first?

Almanac Racing – at all points of the compass

Crio has a quick look ahead to Caulfield, Randwick and Morphettville as the release of weights for the Cup and the Epsom are reminders that spring has sprung.

Crio’s Q? – “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…”

There’s one of us born every minute. And there’s always an opportunist around to relieve us of some cash. Anyone else got a “slightly imperfect” souvenir?

Crio’s Racing: Much of muchness

You couldn’t possibly get excited by the Melbourne metro option – a dog’s breakfast with cats on the menu. But Crio concedes some interest in Doomben and a yearning for the Swedish trots. The man needs a break. Tips please!

Crio’s Racing: Queensland and New South Wales

Crio can handle a wet track… but the NSW floods are a challenge for any punter. Here’s the latest tips for this weekend’s races, from Melbourne, up to Queensland, through Alice Springs and down to Morphettville.

Crio’s Racing

Crio certainly didn’t foresee the cracking Group 1 action in Sydney, some nostalgic old favourites in Adelaide, and a batch of rich VOBIS races backending a long, mostly very good day at Caulfield. Revitalised, the old call is back – Tips please!

Crio’s Racing…Tancred Day

As the Rosehill festival winds up, Crio muses on where racing is heading as winter approaches. And he looks for winners at the Valley tonight, Mornington tomorrow and the Balnarring picnics.

Crio’s Racing: Diamonds are Forever

There are a heap of sporting options available this weekend. But Crio argues that with both Caulfield and Warwick Farm hosting Group 1 cards, Saturday’s racing offers plenty of interest to both seasoned and casual punters alike.

Crio’s Racing

Chris Riordan detects some excitement stirring within, as the racing calendar heats up a little this week with the C F Orr Stakes

Crio’s Racing: Long Weekends and Longer Memories

Crio surveys the long weekend offerings from Moonee Valley, Sandown, Yea, Great Western, Yarra Valley, Hanging Rock and Balnarring. Buy yourself a celebratory or consoling dozen from the top wineries on the way to the track. Tips please.

Crio’s Racing

It is, as Bruce would have it, a delicious irony that we have the most meetings of the year at the time our readership is at its lowest….though that could be interpreted in various ways, I deduce that the holiday season is the common cause. New Year’s Day races are a long standing tradition, and [Read more]

Crio’s Question?

“Wonderful memories of happy times often accompany loss” – Crio asks for readers’ thoughts on both from the previous twelve months.

Crio’s Racing: Feehan Stakes day

Is our resident racing expert Chris Riordan just a “grumpy old man” with a glass half-empty view of the fields on offer at the Valley this Saturday? No matter. He still finds time to give us some handy hints as we gallop into the Spring racing season.

Crio’s Question: Forget the national anthem

There are concert halls for concerts and Moomba for parades. At footy, Crio expects footy.

Crio’s Question: Why bother?

Is there honestly any need to stick by your poor-performing team? A controversial poser from Crio.

Crio’s Question – the Name Game

Ah, the name game – titles appropriate for your role in life. Cardinal Sin, anyone? What are your offerings?

Crio’s Racing: Final Day

Crio reckons Saturday’s fixture looks to be too long in length and too short in class. Still, he’s prepared to make a couple of suggestions. Anyone else ready to help keep him in the black?

Crio’s Question: Trust the tea leaves?

Was one of your best wins the result of something other than picking the form? Who’s prepared to admit to the success of a whim, a mistake, or dumb luck?