Almanac Cricket: 2016 Mullagh-Wills Oration

John Holmes was one of the guests at the recent Mullagh-Wills Oration at the MCG. He reflects on what was an excellent event.

Almanac Cricket: Disarray by design

John Butler feels that Australian Cricket’s foundations aren’t what they once were, this summer needs to regain a sense of balance.

Cricket and Politics

Middle Australia is perplexed about Warnie being touted as a potential Australian coach.

Australia v South Africa – Hobart Test, Day 2: A great day for Australia as the heavens open at Blundstone Arena

Plenty to ruminate over as the rain forces the cricketers and the spectators inside. Much pontification. Citrus Bob Utber has been chatting to all and sundry in and around Blundstone Arena.

Test Cricket’s Future

Scottish writer Neil Drysdale recently penned this piece on the future of Test cricket, and has kindly allowed it to be published here. He bemoans the lack of a truly great team in world cricket, and the 20/20 vision of the governing bodies.

Milo Cricket: Is There Value Beyond The Kit?

Jeff Dowsing, father of two, questions the merit of Milo Cricket and other children’s sporting programs. Plastic stump bases as a fielding cradle? What happened to net practice??

What happens in the next chapter of Australian cricket?

Tom Riordan on what may occur as a new chapter of Australian cricket begins in the upcoming summer of cricket.

Bricks in the Back

Hands up who hasn’t felt the debilitating effects of a serious back injury? Matt Watson argues why Michael Clarke should do the right thing by his long-term health and Australia’s World Cup squad and rule himself out of the up-coming ICC World Cup.

Cricket: Killed by the ICC, with the dagger, in the cellar

Dips O’Donnell is picking up clues; sifting the evidence. Cricket is dead.

Cricket on Christmas Day

The possibility of having international cricket played on Christmas Day opens up business and scheduling opportunities for more than just Cricket Australia, writes Geoff Lockhart.

#BigBash03 – Are we there yet?

Jeff Dowling says there is actually much to like about #BigBash03, despite the lame brained celebrity circus exhibits as likely to catch the ball for their home viewer as Jesus coming on and bowling a maiden over (left arm orthodox). It’s his new guilty pleasure.

Test cricket preparation: Ashes encounter on the doorstep (or wherefore art thou, everybody?)

What has Cricket Australia been thinking? It’s been difficult to understand which hemisphere everybody is in, let alone how form is shaping up. David Wilson takes a look at the preparation of the national Test squad and finds only a forget-a-thon of tiddly-winks.

(I’m Not) Interested in Ryobi

Luke Reynolds – Australia’s greatest cricket tragic since the Right Hon John Winston Howard Esq – protests that he’s not interested in the Ryobi Cup. I don’t believe him, but he’s bloody funny anyway.

Sorting out Watto

Peter Baulderstone runs the ruler over Graeme Hick’s selection to head the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence. What the???

Re-organising the cricket schedule

Luke Reynolds never wants to see a one-off Twenty20 International as the climax to an Australian International Summer again. The schedule needs to be fixed.

Where the shiny-faced meet the shiny-arsed

John Harms looks at the latest Shane Warne instalment.

An open letter to Brad Hodge

Jeff Dowsing writes to Brad Hodge.

Perry Ultimatum

The very vocal ultimatum given to Ellyse Perry by her W-League club, Canberra United, will stir-up the lefties’ free-will fibres. Still, it’s a necessary decision for the respectability of Women’s sport. Ellyse Perry, Australian fast bowler. Photo: Ellyse Perry has been a popular media phenom since she made the Australian sides for both soccer [Read more]