Almanac Poetry: uncle pat has got the covid

Michael ‘Pards’ Pardy contributes this witty poem.

Almanac Books: ‘The One That Got Away: Travelling in the Time of Covid’

In this extract from his new book, ‘The One That Got Away: Travelling In The Time Of Covid’, Ken Haley has a matter of hours to get out of Cuba, is at the mercy of an American immigration official, has to find a place to stay, and is worried for his hat – all while wondering what Covid is all about.

‘Revisiting a classic…’ by Simone Kerwin

KB Hill’s guest blogger, Simone Kerwin, reveals her way of coping with the absence of community sport during lockdown.

Almanac (Cartoon) Life: Covid conundrums

Yesterday she nailed the travails of Saints’ supporters; today it’s a series of reflection of Covid in the spotlight. Again, no words needed.

Almanac Life: The Grandfather

As he emerges from the fog of general anaesthetic, Smokie observes a fellow patient trying to cope with harsh reality of life’s wider struggles.

Almanac Golf and Community: Stuck in a bunker: how the reaction to the Northcote Golf Course proposal exposes golf’s need to sell itself to the community

‘In many of our major cities, there is a push to repurpose public golf courses as parks.’ Joseph Ryan engages in a constructive discussion to assess the future options for golf courses and golf clubs.

Evading Father Time: Kade Simpson and Jimmy Anderson

Shane Thomas reflects on the sense of comfort in this trying time, borne of watching two sporting greats who continue to duck and weave around the grips of Father Time: Jimmy Anderson and Kade Simpson.

Round 10 – Essendon v GWS: Stuck in the back pocket

Andrew Else, Bombers man, is in Lockdown with his family in Melbourne. His report of the Essendon game against the (confident and good-looking) Giants boys is a comment on COVID life, politicians, journalists, press conferences, social media, parenting and even football. [Timely – Ed]

Almanac Life – The Muse: Musings on Day 85

The Muse has been musing. Here are his observations (with some insight) on numerous topics de jour. [Includes identifiable stirring of the pot – JTH]

Football in the Time of COVID: The Great Match

O Tecnico makes his Almanac debut with this account of a footy season. Not a very long one. And with a unique way of playing.