The day I met Kenny Rogers

The passing of modern music icon Kenny Rogers has touched several Almanackers – Andrew Starkie shares his experiences of watching ‘The Gambler’ up on stage in all his magnificence and frailties.

Galveston and me

How influential a song, a time, a longing for another – a longing for peace? Mickey Randall on the seminal track penned by Jimmy Webb, “Galveston”.

Almanac Music – Tamworth: Inspiring

Andrew Starkie on the revitalising power of the Tamworth Music Festival.

Tamworth 2

by Andrew Starkie   Our hostess has her head on the counter and appears to have nodded off.  Suddenly alert, she grimaces, runs her hand through her bed hair and focuses bloodshot eyes. Sorry darls… I’m a bit hungover…where was I? That’s right, here’s your key.  Towels are in your room.