Almanac Music: Countdown’s Best One Hit Wonders

Ian Wilson comes up with another cracking list of songs from the ‘Countdown’ TV program, this time, his best ‘one hit wonders’.

Almanac Music: Countdown’s Worst One Hit Wonders

Ian Wilson recalls some of the ‘shockers’ that Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum promoted on his show ‘Countdown’, many of which went to number #1! Hang your head in shame, Australia!

Almanac Books: A Life Well Fed

Ian Wilson reflects on life growing up, initially the influence of persons he wished to emulate, then secondly, the influence of books and their profound effect as he explains.

Almanac Music: Going Down Music ‘Rabbit Holes’ – prior to the Internet

Ian Wilson remembers the day his appreciation of music changed forever in 1978 in Medina, WA. These days, the consequences drive his kids crazy!

Ripper ’76

Mickey lets rip with thoughts about a favourite album.