Almanac (Footy) History: Memories of Corio Oval, Geelong

Kevin Densley provides a background to Corio Oval in Geelong which provided a setting for footy and harness racing for decades. Its current day use will not thrill you.

Almanac Footy History: ‘Peter the Great’ Burns, the first 300 game player

Geelong Footy Club board member and fanatical historian and collector, Bob Gartland, celebrates the life of an almost forgotten champion Peter Burns. [Welcome Bob and thanks for this terrific yarn – JTH]

Era, era on the wall: 1939 – 1948

Jeff Dowsing’s look back at VFL Grand Final eras continues. Today: The World War Two years. Bluey Truscott, The Bloodbath of ’45, ‘King’ Dick and Captain Blood.