Almanac Life: The end of civilisation as we have known it?

Roy Hay laments ‘The Conversation’ having to remove all debates on Indigenous affairs, and instead turns his eyes to the Almanac’s community feel.

Almanac Life: There is a great joy in being useful

Peter Robertson explores the joy of being a useful person and making a difference to life.

Almanac (Covid) Life: Love in the Time of Coronavirus – Part 2

E. regnans continues his journal of life and love in the time of coronavirus. In this instalment, he channels the thoughts of Andre who contemplates the not inconsiderable challenges of ‘opening up’.

What are you Missing?

Jan Courtin has found many positives in this period of isolation. She describes them here and she wonders what others have enjoyed about this very different time. [Superb effort with the transcribing Jan – JTH]

Almanac Short Story: The Dead Pocket

Make yourself a cuppa or crack open a beer and sit down to enjoy this fine short story about a footy club and a coach and a past and a present, by Murray Walding.

Almanac Local Footy – A season at Banyule: Friends, fun and some fine football

Sean Mortell has enjoyed his time playing footy at Banyule, experiencing all the highs and lows associated with being a part of a local sporting club and showing how important sporting clubs are to healthy community life.

The Numbers Game (Part 2)

The musings of Matt Zurbo on the how teams entangle with communities in the smaller towns of Australia.

AFL looks to run junior and senior competitions on the NSW Central Coast and Hunter

Looks like Australian Football on the Hunter Coast is at a crucial point. Alex Darling looks at the options to the League.

Part time professionals: Win-Win-Win (Another Day Meanders By)

The Million Dollar Question: the shut-in professionalism of modern day football or the more rounded benefits of part-time football?

“Springsteen & I”

The film Springsteen & I depicts the community Bruce Springsteen has created around the world, much like the community that has evolved around the Footy Almanac, writes Yvette Wroby, who felt the full support of that community last week.

Old East Fremantle Would Have Been A Contender

  by Rod Gillett and Dave Warner   When Paddy Ryder was awarded the Anzac Medal for his game for Essendon in this year’s match against Collingwood it occurred to me that here was yet another top-class player produced by the East Fremantle Football Club. I thought there was a story in it. I contacted [Read more]