Floreat Pica: Cats v Pies

For most Collingwood supporters Round 16 began, not with our match against Geelong, but with North’s shellacking of Carlton the night before. Every member of the Floreat Pica Society who emailed on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday referred to it with joy. Pam referred to it in her Danny Roach votes. Two Pie supporting mates [Read more]

Cats pull rabbit from hat

Apparently Collingwood’s defeat of the Cats on Friday night signalled the end of an era. “…the Cats simply couldn’t run with Collingwood and, after five years of greatness, their race is run.” Jake Niall, The Sunday Age, July 15, 2012. That’s it. Game over. The end. Das ende. But, as is often the case, the [Read more]

Floreat Pica – Collingwood v Carlton

I have waited until the weekend has nearly passed before writing this report. A number of factors have contributed; primary is that Collingwood lost to Carlton. The motivation to actively review the game and then write about it is significantly reduced by the disappointment with the result. I am pretty sure I am not the [Read more]

the rainbow’s arch

    how to stay warm – the game opens with more tackles than kicks   break in the clouds play gets switched to the sunny side   burst of sunshine a tangle of shadows around the ball   changing conditions the ruckman does the roving   icy wind and rain an Irishman prepares to [Read more]

O Tempora, O Mores

O Tempora, O Mores Latin – the language of ancient Rome; for centuries, the language of the Christian church and the academic and cultural discourse of western civilisation. In 21st century Australia, Latin is a “dead” language, studied by few, understood well by fewer and spoken by virtually none. When I admit to having studied [Read more]

A little more

deep in the last term – when little more can be done we do a little more   my heart beats – the ball falls from his arms   Elliot’s heroics – a reminder I’m not a child   sky bereft of blue how difficult some goals are   overcast Beams making something out of [Read more]

Haiku Bob: football the ocean

  pile of leaves – the coach’s plans all coming together   crisp afternoon – the click of our midfield   football the ocean Swan swims in   rustle of leaves – the defender hears footsteps   sunlight spills through the clouds – Blair crumbs   broken sunlight – Swan half in half out of [Read more]

Pies prevail on the Queen’s birthday

By Paul O’Connell It’s a Public Holiday, usually cold, and we usually win. So it is great that the “usuallys” prevailed on the day. We continue to field several inexperienced players (who continue to stand up) due to our injury list. Sadly Dids was added to the injury list with his attempt on goal very [Read more]

out of sight

edge of the city the sound of a goal   late start an early rush of goals   twilight game how soon the forwards put us out of sight   broken clouds in the space between Beams   full moon Didak still going round defenders   swirling leaves suddenly Ablett somewhere else   kicking yips [Read more]

AFL Round 10 – Collingwood v Gold Coast – Floreat Pica Society

By PAM LOWTHER Well off to the twilight game, seems strange to be heading off to the footy at such a time on a sunday arvo, but am neverless very hopeful of a good percentage booster for our team. Having a day out with some girls from work and had to stop at the Hilton [Read more]

Haiku Bob: From the outer

autumn remains – a few minutes left of the low scoring game   away game the ball not going to the right spots   one goal down in the rain sinking lower into the sofa   scores level vapor rises from the outer   branches snap off another knee   thin rain hopes of winning [Read more]

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

ROUND NINE Fireworks at AAMI Stadium They’d sold out; it was raining. They thought the big crowd needed something. As their players entered the field, the AFC let off some fireworks. Not many; just a couple of thousand of dollars

Pies and Zen rule

famous a  celebrated (for quality etc.) ; well known ; (colloq.) excellent I had a very unusual pre-game routine for our blockbuster against the Crows.  I attended a silent retreat for the day as part of a mindfulness meditation course I am undertaking. How does this have any relevance to the game?  Well, limited, but [Read more]

Round 9 – Adelaide v Collingwood Preview

When: Saturday 26th May, 2012 – 7:40PM Where: AAMI Stadium Last week Adelaide managed to pull off a shock win against a Carlton team who had been touted as premiership contenders and have also been favourites for the majority of the season so far. Patrick Dangerfield once again stood up for the Crows, showing his [Read more]

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary: Round 9 preview

ROUND NINE – preview My wavering nerve In Adelaide’s rugged May, I’ve tipped the Crows to lose against Sydney, Geelong and Carlton. It’s been a successful ploy: I’ve lost my tips but we’ve won the games! That’s been small fish for such joy but I’ve become reluctant to change my bait. OK, this week I’m [Read more]

Haiku Bob: nowhere left

autumn night Pendlebury shifts attention from the cold     wind halves the moon a perfect pass intercepted     misdirected kick the man-mountain brushed aside     spring sun dusting the screen to watch Pendlebury     leaves skip past Didak turns out of trouble     Pendlebury gathers on the wing a leaf [Read more]

Floreat Pica Society Match Report – 2012 Round 8 CollingWOOD versus Geelong

Round 8 Floreat Pica Society Match Report – CollingWOOD versus Geelong. wood (noun) 1. the hard, fibrous substance composing most of the stem and branches of a tree or shrub, and lying beneath the bark; 2. eternally promising Collingwood ruckman who features far too prominently in the FPS Danny Roach votes and not often enough [Read more]

autumn veins

autumn night long before it ends the game over goal in the first minute and the last in between the scrap deep autumn veins bulge on the neck of the coach sun long gone the forward line lacking spark sultry night a set shot slides away away game short passing left behind some leaves dead [Read more]