AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: Expectation is a funny thing

St.Kilda made the Grand Final in 1997 when they were 1-4 after five rounds. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in 16 years, writes Kelsey Smith.

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: Pies prevail over sinking Saints but no splash

These teams aren’t quite what they were, and will need to learn to swim better and faster if they want to be competitive with the best.

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: For the love of Bucks

Dannielle Eid has a message for all Collingwood supporters: Leave Bucks alone!

AFL Round 5 – Essendon v Collingwood: Pies play ketchup

The Essendon fans are loving their team again, writes Andrew Else.

AFL Round 4 – Richmond v Collingwood: Mordor on the march

Whenever David Enticott thinks of Richmond he is reminded of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tiger supporters are like a giant orc army heading out from Mordor across the Dead Marshes.

AFL Round 3 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Smart-Bomb

Hawthorn’s well-drilled infantry, led by its indomitable general in Luke Hodge, reminded anyone interested in the fate of the 2013 season why Hawthorn should be rightful premiership contenders, writes Sasha Lennon.

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Carlton (FPS report): Pies find a way to overcome Mick and his Blues

When you go to the footy to watch your team, it is not relaxing, it is not restful. It is stressful and it is draining. And when your team is Collingwood and you are playing Carlton, it will end in sweet victory or bitter defeat. There is no middle ground.

AFL Round 1 – North Melbourne v Collingwood (FPS report): Footy’s back!

After a long off-season, the footy is back and the Pies delivered for Paul O’Connell.

A few Floreat Pica Society observations on the Pies’ opener

Just as NAB Cup Round 1 is not really footy as we know it, this is not really a match report, but a series of dot-point observations as the Pies build into a new season.

Temptation Island: Bali Ha’i

A funny thing happened after the film and before the match on Saturday night. This is the story of how one man (we’ll call him Neil) was tempted to switch from footy culture to Arts culture…while the footy season was still underway!  

Floreat Pica: Reality Bites

By John Ramsdale Some coaches talk about winning quarters. We won an eighth. In my previous report it was mentioned that it was very long. I was tempted to write. “We was ordinary” and send the votes to Steve and be done with it. After reading this you may say, you should have.

Coming around

At our wedding, 10 years and a bit ago, the blushing bride joked that I had a choice: she would take either my surname or my football team. Silly thing to joke about, really. She still has her own surname, and for the best part of this century has half-heartedly gone along with the idea [Read more]

Floreat Pica: Sydney v Collingwood

By Bangkok correspondent Paul McKay The train trip from central Sydney out to ANZ stadium was one of those entertaining footy crowd train journeys. Lots of cheery footy fans bubbling away at the anticipation of a big game, with first playing second on the ladder. Of particular note were two tall Sydney fans in bright [Read more]

Psalm 89:46

How long, O Lord? Will you hide yourself forever? How long will your wrath burn like fire? While Ms Gillard struggles with our nation’s weighty border issues its high time Barry cast his bleak eye Albury way to shore up our state boundaries. The scene at ANZ on Saturday night shows that the normal wards [Read more]

Some reflections of a tragic

  1.  Hey, Silver is looking pretty good.   We have lived with a week of Olympics and shaded expectations.  The golden avalanche has disappeared, our addiction to international success well and truly back in the box along with the expectations of certain success levels in international sports: tennis, Olympics generally, cricket specifically.  We are [Read more]

light and shade

sunset a few purple patches kill off the game evening sky no great signs only flashes playing the bottom team the caller questions a lack of urgency twilight game the zig-zag path to goal empty seats Cloke marks alone and unattended fading light Wood losing what little he had twilight the light and shade of [Read more]

5.30am and 4.40pm starts – on the same day

Alarm rings at 5.30 AM. Just in time for Olympic opening ceremony. Not a problem as was asleep early on Friday night, couldn’t stand to sit up and watch the Hawks again after their demolition of the Pies last week. Text Uncle Deano, he’s up early for the opening ceremony too. Could have stayed in [Read more]

haiku bob: more than daylight

hawks glide casting shadows across the ‘G   bright winter sun – more than daylight between the two teams   static forward line winter stillness   ice cold hands even in the sunshine – the slumping star   for a moment nothing but Rioli   heavy defeat looms my life too lacks direction   packed [Read more]

Floreat Pica: No Hawkers please

By Andrea McNamara My match preparation was a visit to Victoria Park, to see if Didak showed up for his latest attempt to return to the senior team. He did, and looked OK, but the real story was that I left when the score was 26 to 106 and there was still a quarter to [Read more]

already gone

cat wakes up magpies already gone   night mist – the tagger looks around for his man   rain and fog – still no sign of Cloke pouring rain a long stream of handballs rain squalls – players chase the ball to and fro Swan streams forward rain begins to clear 8 goal quarter – [Read more]