AFL Round 14 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood (Haiku Bob): no one home

Haiku Bob on Round 14.

AFL Round 14 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: PORT (Pretender Or Real Threat?) answer smacks Pies in the face

Travelling to Adelaide to watch Port seemed like a pleasant idea at the start of the year. As Steve Fahey took his seat at Football Park, he wondered – is Collingwood a contender or pretender?

AFL Round 12 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Word associations and unanswerable questions

David Wilson is multi-tasking (badly) and would like some help from the ABC commentary team. Stop spouting cliches and reading statistics – give us the vibe of the match.

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood: The best place to use a tartan rug

Kevin Witham makes the long journey from Bemm River, deep in the heart of Gippsland, for the annual Queen’s Birthday encounter. The Melbourne supporters of his group decline to make the journey.

AFL Round 12- Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Past players and new arrivals

As Luke Reynolds waits for the arrival of a new Collingwood supporter (today), he watches his Pies on the couch and is much happier with this 34-point win over Footscray than last week’s 83-point win over Melbourne. (All the best today, Luke, from all at the Knackery.)

AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood (Floreat Pica): Patchy Pies destroy dispirited Demons

Yesterday was the first time Pies fan Mayuran Jeyarajah felt sympathy for her opponent. Oh Melbourne, does it get any worse?

AFL Round 10 – Brisbane vs Collingwood: A decade is a long time in footy

It’s been a long time between Friday night games at the Gabba and Beth Newman was desperate for a win over the Pies. However, not even the mystical three-peat jumper could save her Lions.

AFL Round 10 – Brisbane v Collingwood (Floreat Pica): No Cloke but Pies stick dagger into Lions

Andrew McNamara saw glimpses of Buckley’s Brigade, his team of the future and his game plan on Friday night.

AFL Round 10 – Collingwood v Brisbane: Dr Seuss and the big storm

There was a game on Friday night but David Wilson (aka e.regnans) had bigger fish to fry: A thought-provoking week; a brilliant community book launch; a crackerjack storm. Dr Seuss was right.

AFL Round 9: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Earl O’Neill asks which one is the real Ed? Does the real Ed even exist?

AFL Round 9 – Collingwood v Sydney: Starting the mower

Sydney’s performance on Friday night seemed all too familiar to Don Meadows. Until then, the Swans’ season had been like the first mow of the new growing season. Lots of cough and splutter, the motor occasionally catching. On Friday, the Swans finally roared into life and mowed down the Magpies.

AFL Round 8 – Collingwood v Geelong: Alter ego

No stereotypes in this match report from Collingwood tragic James Gilchrist. No love for the umpires either.

AFL Round 8 – Collingwood v Geelong: The big questions

It’s a sombre mood in Shaun’s shed following Geelong’s loss but, writes Cath Sullivan, it could be worse…

AFL Round 8 – Collingwood v Geelong: A house warming with hot Pies

Luke Reynolds would have sent Harry O’Brien back to the Magoos before Saturday night. Cats fans wish that was the case after his dashing performance.

AFL Round 8 – Collingwood v Geelong: Thinking differently as the penguins huddle

View Melbourne and the Pies-Cats clash through the eyes of those from Darwin. As their host says, they think that little bit differently in the Top End.

AFL Round 7 – Fremantle v Collingwood (Haiku Bob): nowhere to go

Haiku Bob on Round 7.

Black and white memories of Kardinia Park

Some terrific memories from Steve Fahey as he recalls Collingwood clashes at Kardinia Park. His reflections leave him wondering whether kids today will have the same sense of nostalgia from having been to the G and the Dome?

AFL Round 7 – Fremantle v Collingwood: Another night of pain at Subiaco

Collingwood fans watched another game where heart and grit was enough to get over the line – unfortunately in this case it was Fremantle that had those qualities on display.

AFL Round 7 – Fremantle v Collingwood: Pies hit by Dockside tsunami

The Dockers’ patched-up junior team cast a spell that not even a misty eyed veteran optimist of 17 years of Freo pain could believe what his eyes were witnessing. Jim Smith wept tears of joy as they ripped the heart from the surging Pies.

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda (Haiku Bob): the near side

Haiku Bob on Round 6.