Almanac (Footy) Life: Kid-wrangling and Coach-wrangling

Collingwood put their fans out of their misery early this season but the footy joy is still there to be experienced – at Auskick, writes Nicole Kelly. Even if it did feel like -2.2 degrees in Beaufort.

Even Heroes Make Mistakes

Nicole Kelly is a huge Pies fan. And her young bloke Jack is just as fanatical. She faced a tricky situation when, last year, she had to explain Jaidyn Stephenson’s absence to him. Jack came up with a generous assessment. [Welcome Nicole – JTH]

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: ANZAC Day – The Big One

From the nation’s capitol, Dr Hooke is primed for the ANZAC Day clash against the old foe, Essendon.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood life: Round 21 preview

I thought the Canberra Cats had a fine spiritual leader and newsletter, but Cam Hooke is the Woodsmen’s equivalent. If this Canberra Pie mob and the Floreat Pica Society ever got together they’d take over the world. Go Pies.

[This is a must-read for all Pies – Ed]