The practice match – Footy is life

Matt Watson’s Victorian stay continues with a day well spent watching the Greensborough Superules team play 5 fifteen minute quarters of practice matches. A fantastic behind the scenes look at veterans footy.

Unheralded McBean a key to the Tigers’ future

The Tigers are dreaming this weekend. Jackson Clark gives them more to fantasise about with an introduction to emerging key forward Liam McBean, who is playing in their VFL side.

Red Letter Day

“That’s not going to happen again, is it?” Well, Rod Oaten’s football miracle did … twenty years later.

Coburg: An oval for old men

Matt Watson joins Coburg for their final game of the season. A familiar story to all that have played (and wish they still were).

How to Watch Footy, part 4: Bang Bang Bang!

Vin Maskell takes in the VFL game at Burbank Oval in his own inimitable style. Why would you ever watch footy from the top level of Etihad again?

Learning from Pierre

 By John Green My jobs are almost done. I’ve ridden the bike up to La Trobe Uni and back for the exercise, completed the Saturday morning chores for the favour of the wife and visited a mate in the Austin. It’s time to spend some hours in front of the box watching a double header [Read more]