Almanac Life: The Age of Corona

This Age of Corona is not the first as John Harms recalls.

Book extract: A View of Australia From Fine Leg

Here is an extract from Craig Dodson’s newly released book, ‘A View Of Australia From Fine Leg’.

Blind, Deaf and Clueless: Morality and the LBW Decision

Phil Hilll’s playful account of an LBW decision invokes an olde worlde affectation of Neville Cardus. To make the point. It’s about ways of describing the way cricketers bat in deifferent parts of the world.

Cricket’s a (hat) tricky game

Gigs has a day out.

Cricket: Gaunt and Leigh’s campaign of carnage

Mic Rees profiles the 1964/65 district cricket season in Melbourne, and his Footscray team’s search for elusive success.

Five Revolutionary Minutes

Comrade Dan Toomey is new to the Royal Park Reds, a very famous Melbourne cricket club. He has learned why they are so highly regarded in just a few months. He has also learned they have a major struggle on their hands. [Now that’s what I call club culture – Ed]