The Great Climate Comeback: Sport’s Role in Averting Climate Crisis

A summer of wild weather and devastating bushfires has impacted large areas of Australia, energising the climate debate and leading to widespread calls for urgent action. Anthony James draws our attention to the work of Dr Shiela Nguyen from the Sports Environment Alliance.

On Fires and Fairness

In his thought-provoking article, Edward P. Olsen wrestles with the emotion and angst provoked by the recent bushfires, wondering about the fairness for those affected, and the dilemmas confronting those wishing to make appropriate responses.

Letter of reply to Paddy Grindlay’s “Black Summer”

From a position of scientific qualification, knowledge and expertise, David Wilson presents his point of view on climate change, with the intelligence, authority and passion of one educated with the facts, to offer his support for Paddy Grindlay’s “Black Summer”. [Fantastic ER! Eds]

Richard Flanagan: Tasmania is burning (link to Guardian)

For those who have yet to discover Richard Flanagan’s powerful piece on power, climate change and leaders who lack depth and substance here is a link to it in the Guardian.