Is player movement to blame for NBA ratings collapse?

Mark Miller continues his regular segment on basketball and this week considers some of the issues surrounding the reduced TV ratings of the NBA.

Round 14 – Greater Western Sydney v Carlton: Giants on my mind

With Carlton’s defeat by GWS, Ben Slattery’ s thoughts turned to other Giant moments by LeBron and Jezza.

Almanac Connection: “Titles and tears” by Joe Posnanski

Highest class sportswriting from NBC Sports National columnist Joe Posnanski, on Cleveland, on place and on meaning. It is basketball, it is LeBron James, it is connection and it is a sense of connection.

Almanac Weekend Wrap

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NBA – Chicago Bulls v Cleveland Cavaliers: Rose.

Author Paul Campbell describes how Derrick Rose’s buzzer winning shot and the Bulls win against the Cleveland Cavaliers makes sport so beautiful to watch.