Era, era on the wall; 2000-2010

Ahh the noughties. The game as we knew changed significantly as footy got as roof over its’ head and the era where totally professional football created some unwanted distractions for those easily led astray. Dynasties were created while other clubs went far and wide looking for salvation. Clubs or Regimes? Corporates or Fans? Jeff Dowsing gives us his review of footy in a new millennium in what has been a fantastic series.

The people’s guernseys

What the hell happened to guernseys? When did we stray into this nether world of ‘clash’? Why, oh why, do we have to imperil our optic nerves with these explosions of offensive colours and corporate images? The curmudgeon within me is riled up people. We seriously need to start formalising the resistance to the clash [Read more]