Almanac (Local ) Cricket – Don’t Annoy Me About ‘Chuckers’

Phil Hill talks us through ‘visual summation’ and ‘the carry angle of the human arm’ as he seeks to solve the issue of so-called ‘chuckers’ out in the Merks.

Blind Deaf and Clueless: Chuckers Part Three

Phil Hill delivers his third off-cutter in his cricket series. Take a look at the rules of bending the arm and what it means for modern cricket.

Blind, Deaf and Clueless: Chuckers, Part Two

Are you an idiot? Take Phil Hill’s chucking test and find out.

Crio’s Q: chuckers and all who (don’t) sail with them?

A rare Sri Lankan visit to the MCG revives memories of Darrel Hair’s bravery and its implications. I’m in the “Murali chucks and is a blight on the game” camp. I refuse to ever watch him throw. A gutless ICC created a monster. Now Boof Lehmann has tagged Marlon Samuels as a chucker. Johan Botha, [Read more]