Archie Goes the Early Crow and Calls the AFL Finals Series in April – Surely He Can’t Get So Badly Wrong As He Did in Season `16!

Archie has bitten the proverbial bullet and with the risk of being shot down by his fellow Almanackers, has predicted his AFL 2017 Premiership and Brownlow medal winners after only two rounds. [NB The link is now working properly – sorry for the break in transmission. Ed]

Should the Cats have had a review last year?

2016 proved to be another great year for Geelong but a disappointing preliminary final loss to Sydney put them and their coach Chris Scott on the pressure cooker. Phil Spinks asks whether a season review was needed like the one in 2006.

Finals Week 3 – Geelong v Sydney: Deja 2

What a disaster last Friday night was for Gary Caulfield and the Cats, somehow, it felt like he had seen it all before, Round 16, 2016.

Round 21 – Richmond v Geelong: Automaton Cats …wait a minute!

Paul Spinks was worried about Geelong before Sunday’s clash with Richmond. Eventually the Cats got over the line, but the performance did nothing to allay his fears for his finals-bound side.

Round 14 – St Kilda v Geelong: GroundCat Day

Paul Spinks ponders if Pivotonian Phil will predict a prosperous pointy end to the season for Geelong or a Winter of discontent.

Chris Scott the Diplomat

Paul Spinks is impressed with Geelong coach Chris Scott and his communication skills.

Contrary about the Cats

Paul Spinks is optimistic about his Geelong Cats and season 2016

Round 22 – Geelong v Collingwood: A night of insults as the season and era end with a whimper – is Chris Scott a better politician or coach?

The era is dead! Long live the era! What of this Geelong we see before us?

A Recent History of Booing

Sportspeople have been booed since Noah was an Auskicker, but in recent weeks the booing of Adam Goodes has placed spectator behaviour in the spotlight. David Fordyce looks back on some notable (and arguably unsavoury) examples of booing in the game in recent years and laments the lack of genuine leadership on the issue.

The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Six

Gather ’round tipsters. The Mopsy Fraser Cup wrap-up of round six is in. “Expect the opinionistas to cut and paste everything they’ve ever writ about Confucian Mick this week…” pretty much sums up the media’s relationship with Mick Malthouse as the troubles at Royal Parade continue. Also, some great thoughts on Chris Scott and Mitch Clark.

Round 6 – Collingwood v Geelong: Observations from Friday Night

Dips O’Donnell was flat out observing his Cats last Friday night. There was a lot to see.

Round 4 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Mr Potato Head

Dips O’Donnell releases some of the frustration of watching the Cats in recent times.

Round 3 – Geelong v Gold Coast: When the supposedly crumbling Cat Empire overcame King Rodney and his Knights of the Oval Table

With Kardinia Castle under siege from the marauding Suns, the Black Knight Cats, losing limbs but refusing to fall, declare, “NONE SHALL PASS.” Paul Spinks, your metaphor game is strong.

AFL post-season: Which path is Geelong travelling?

Geelong built a triple-premiership dynasty on recruiting and developing – so why are they so keen on recruiting free agents? And why does North’s interest in Jarrad Waite remind Stephen Cooke of Richmond and Paul Hudson in 2001?

Footy Commentary – The gift that keeps on giving (or: Intellectual Wilderness, ho!).

Steve Baker has learnt plenty from our current crop of broadcasters…. at least 11 things.

O Coach, My Leader

With much discussion about finding the “right” coach for Melbourne, David Wilson asks: What actually is the job of a coach?

Lion Kings or Greatest Team Of All?

Whilst funnelling through YouTube during a cold, restless night recently, I happened upon some footage of one of my favourite Grand Finals; the 2002 playoff between the almighty Brisbane Lions outfit and the unheralded Collingwood side. Yes I’m a footy nerd and I know, I may have a problem.