Round 17 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Antarctic winds and warm hearts

Amid frigid breezes and soaking rains, the Saints brought some third-quarter heat to the MCG – usually a house of horrors for St Kilda supporters – and superfan Yvette Wroby.

Round 2 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Not much fun, that…

It was a dirty day at the Docklands for Dr Hooke and the True Believers of the Magpie Army. Burn the tape of the game against the Crows; St Kilda and Essendon are now on the horizon.

Dramatic Dawes Turnaround Shows Growing Instability In AFL

Thinking a little bit about Chris Dawes recently and after looking at his current career situation, it really did smack me right between the eyes as to just how unstable the AFL is becoming.

Don’t let the Dawes (insert pun)

Why is Dawes even contemplating leaving Collingwood?

Haiku Bob: so little done

Haiku Bob’s take on the recent West Coast v Collingwood match

the rainbow’s arch

    how to stay warm – the game opens with more tackles than kicks   break in the clouds play gets switched to the sunny side   burst of sunshine a tangle of shadows around the ball   changing conditions the ruckman does the roving   icy wind and rain an Irishman prepares to [Read more]