Almanac Rugby League – Another perspective of Channel 9’s ‘The Greatest…’ series

Rugby League author Liam Hauser takes issue with the Channel 9 panel as he responds to their recent series of programmes on the greatest rugby league Grand Finals and the greatest players from State of Origin.

The Ashes – First Test, Day 5: Aussies Ease to Victory, But the Fire for the Urn Burns

And so it came to pass that Australia romped home by 10 wickets. But don’t worry – Callum O’Connor can see plenty to look forward to in this Ashes series.

Almanac Book Review: All This In 60 Minutes – Nick Lee (Allen & Unwin – $32.99)

A hard hitting review of ’60 Minutes’ cameraman Nick Lee’s new book, “All This In 60 Seconds”, from Chris Michaels.

Answers to the Aus v NZ 3rd Test Quiz

Wondering what to do with the spare couple of days now that the Pink Ball Test is over? Here’s Jeff Dowsing’s quiz answers.

How much does TV commentary matter anyway?

Hate BT? Despise Little Jimmy Brayshaw? Jeff Dowsing advises you to get over it as the business model that rules sport and television (same thing? – Ed) is not likely to bring back John Arlott and Tony Charlton.

AFL Broadcast Rights: Place Your Bets

The argy-bargy that accompanies the AFL’s broadcast rights negotiations is set to get underway once again.

More than a game? It changed the game

Brutas Mudcake in defence of the sometimes indefensible, The Footy Show.

Some observations following the third Test

Les Everett is happy to offer plenty of free advice to Sri Lanka, Matthew Wade and Channel 9,

Third Test – Day 3: Will Mr Kyly Boldy ‘go boldly…’?

Tony Roberts talks Nine’s jingoistic coverage, pop-gun attacks and Australia’s reversal of fortune.

The revolution will be televised

With all this Olympics brouhaha dominating the news the Swans game this week crept up on me like a spider in the dark. Nine’s coverage has been in modern parlance an epic fail and it’s a relief when Sunday comes and we get to watch an entire sporting event. Imagine if Fox or 7 Mate [Read more]